Message of Deep Condolence

On the demise of Mr. Saeed Ahmed Bin Lootah
Chairman of Lootah Holdings & Lootah Foundation

I express my deep and heart-felt condolence over the demise of Mr. Saeed Ahmed Bin Lootah Chairman and Founder of Lootah Holdings, Lootah Foundation and the Founder of the world’s first Islamic Bank established in Dubai. I also express my profound sorrow and solace to the members of his family and all his loved ones at this difficult moment. 

Mr. Saeed Ahmed Lootah leaves an exceptional and unparalleled legacy of being a successful business magnate with an unlimited benevolence and never ending charity to all. He was a great committed spiritual leader too. The charitable educational institutions he has launched in many countries including Sri Lanka, have sponsored many orphans, widows, disabled, poor and marginalized communities giving them a new hope for life. He was a father to the orphans and always believed that they should be protected and looked after. He is a great visionary leader who combined economic success with great benevolence leaving an exceptional foot print in the hearts and minds of thousands of people world over. He was a strong believer of human empowerment by building inner capacities of individuals so that they can stand on their own feet without burdening the society. This subscribes to the modern day human development philosophy and the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. I am personally aware, that he built up a like-minded team comprising his children and many others to continue with his mission of serving humanity.

Personally to me, he was a guiding star who imbibed great wisdom and enlightenment through his kind and father-like advise, guidance and help. Every time I met him he used to share great advice and experience which have immensely contributed to my businesses in Sri Lanka and internationally, political and humanitarian work all over Sri Lanka and in particular in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. He established Lootah Holdings and Lootah Garments in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka which is currently employing over 3,000 people uplifting the economic standards of thousands of poor families. He also formed a School for English language training for poor youth in Negombo in the Western province of Sri Lanka. I and my family are deeply shattered, disturbed and saddened by his demise at the age of 97 leaving a permanent vacuum in our hearts.

I, along with over 3,000 beneficiaries of his economic, business, religious and charitable actions here in Sri Lanka pray the almighty Allah to grant Jannathul Firdouse.

Nazeer Ahamed Eng

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